About us- JinGrouper

As an academic research team, we have the passion for the practical innovation, and the persistence in the scientific research.

About HCII Lab

The Human Computer Intelligent Interaction laboratory (HCII-Lab) of South China University was founded by Professor Lianwen Jin (http://www.hcii-lab.net/lianwen ) . Our research fields include:

  • Character recognition
  • Machine Learning
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Computer Vision and Image Processing
  • Artificial Intelligence; Intelligent System
  • Cloud Computing Applications
  • Mobile Internet Applications

Current on going projects include:

  • Large vocabulary handwriting character/text-line recognition
  • Handwriting Inputting Method for Android and iOS
  • Digital inks and its application
  • Facial image processing
  • Beautification
  • Analysis of Facial Attractiveness
  • Tracking and detection of hand/finger using camera or Kinect
  • Cloud Computing & Mobile Internet

Please click here to visit our lab website for more details.